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A side series project…of fashion!

Very recently I’ve decided to do a series of pencil drawings centring around different variation of folds in fabrics, or pattern seen around, mainly it would be a figure drawing clothed with a certain movement creating variations in patterns, folds, etc.

It is wonderful that it will relate to my tumblr blog as it will feature figure drawings of modes, fashion, clothes, shoes, movement, overall an exciting project. This will hopefully bring out the art side of fashion lovers and vice versa.

Stay tuned for an upcoming first image tomorrow on my facebook page:

"Passing By" 2013

red chalk on paper

This drawing using red chalk pencil on paper is of a woman whose origins and story is up to the viewer. She may be in hard labour, or may be looking at something happening in front of her that saddens her. The hardness of life behind her eyes is evident, but where is she now is up to what the viewer wants to interpret it as. The light coming from the sun was an important feature in this drawing, besides the various folds of the clothes, the light shines so that she is lit maximally without changing her features. The photograph shows some very light sepia tones around her face to the right, but on the original it blends with the background well.


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